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Batch/Drum Filling  
Fill 690 and Batch 690

The Batch-690 continuously controls material flow by monitoring dispensing. Functions such as refill correction, correction threshold, acknowledgement, and more ensure that a Batch-690 monitored dispensing system is safe and reliable. Upgrade from manual to fully automatic weighing with Batch-690. Just connect coarse and fine feed valves for the individual components to the two relay boxes, and you are in business. The combination of fast data transmission, adaptable filters for tough conditions and separate weighing and evaluation allows you to meter your formulas very quickly without sacrificing accuracy.

The Fill-690 application software continuously controls material flow by monitoring dispensing. Customize the application with functions such as scale switching, residue and fill quantity control, material leveling or manual correction requirements. Record and analyze the system with optional interfaces to integrate the Fill-690 into the client-server architecture for full remote operation. Utilize the learn mode which determines the cutoff values getting the formula exactly right from the start avoids wasting time and materials.


The Fill-560 Application Module adds advanced features to the standard target control capabilities (simple filling or dispensing) of teh IND560 weighing terminal. Without complex and costly programming, quickly select weigh-in and weigh-out cycles to meet many application needs. Fill with one material or blend up to four materials in teh weigh-in cycle. Dump the entire contents or dose out multiple times into containers for teh weigh-out cycle.


Q. iMPACT Matroller

Success in the increasingly competitive manufacturing business requires a strategy that can increase efficiency, reduce costs, and generate profits - consistently. For manufacturing facilities that use batch, blending, or filling control systems, that strategy is for success is Q.i, the Material Feed Measurement and Cut-Off Control System.


The new METTLER TOLEDO Filling Systems has an IND560 and Allen Bradley based Controller. With a Panel-View 400 standard, this is an advanced, easy to use system. The Stainless Steel Stanchion and Piping Systems are heavy duty and corrosion resistance.

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