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9482 Expressweigh Weighing Controller


The 9482 EXPRESSWEIGH® is used to weigh random weight packages as they pass over the Model 9477 weigh conveyor. It then displays the weight and outputs it in a serial ASCII format or by Ethernet to a remote printer, PLC, or host controller. The configurable output can include averaged weight, tare, consecutive number, time/date, and package ID. Data is transmitted after every package is weighed. A sum can be printed on demand.

The EXPRESSWEIGH® controller offers connections for photoeyes and other I/O to create a standalone solution that delivers accurate weights to a printer or other peripheral. When connected to a METTLER TOLEDO® Model 9476/66 or Mach II analog load cell conveyor system, it automatically detects packages, weighs them, and then prints or transmits the result when the product exits the scale. It also provides ID capability, weight totalization, consecutive numbering, the ability to enter tare values, and alarm outputs.

9473 Checkweigher

The new 9473 entry level checkweigher is designed for basic checkweighing operations. With three weight zones for classifying underweight, good, and overweight products, it has a weighing range up to 6000 grams. A color touch screen user interface features simple, intuitive operator controls plus convenient display of important production information and history.

IND560 Conveyor Scale Controller

High-speed A/D plus TraxDSP™ filtering achieves accurate weighments in the shortest possible time, even under adverse conditions with high vibration

• Flexible interface to peripheral data sources allows user to integrate bar code and dimensional data with package weight into the transaction record. Input data string can be parsed automatically, allowing user customization

• Multiple connectivity options allow communication of transaction data to a wide variety of Ethernet-enabled devices, and to communicate with automation equipment via DeviceNet™, A-B RIO or Profibus™ protocol

• Objects of analysis such as daily weighments, number of in-tolerance items weighed by product ID, error logging and tracking, can be recalled or exported to a PC-based application

• IND9D56 packaged system includes IND560dyn with power supply and I/O for photo-eye interface

• Optional LED status lights and rugged pushbuttons can be configured to provide operators with additional visual system status cues, minimizing confusion and increasing productivity

• 25-target ID memory with tolerance check allows user to program and monitor 3-zone toleranced ranges specific to each target ID. A discrete output can be configured for out-of-tolerance weighments, to trigger reject timers

• Bright, multi-line VFD display ensures easily readable scale data and status information, error messages, last package average weight, and setup menu

• Error logging is configurable, to provide flexible handling of scale alarms and errors
• Weights and Measures approvals permit use in legalfor- trade applications

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