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Crane/Lift Truck Scales  
MSI 3360

The MSI-3360 CHALLENGER 2 provides the features and reliability you expect from industry's leading manufacturer of electronic crane scales. When you weigh quality and price, there is not a better value than the CHALLENGER 2 for indoor weighing applications up to 7.5 tons. Every CHALLENGER 2 is NTEP approved for accuracy. Its advanced electronics offer you versatility with an unrivaled standard feature set that includes: Tare, Units switching, Totalizing, Peak Hold, Set Points, Filtering and a convenient lift-cycle counter. Mechanically, the CHALLENGER 2 has proven itself through years of service. A rugged, low-profile enclosure minimizes headroom loss while maintaining weather resistance and portability. It also sets the standard for readability. With several annunciators and oversized 1.2 in/30 mm LED digits, you can read the display easily from more than 50 ft/15 m away.

MSI 3700 3700

The MSI-3700 "Magnum Plus" is an innovative break from conventional lift truck scales. While other models rely on sheer bulk for strength, the Magnum Plus incorporates advanced design concepts to provide a unique set of product advantages.

MSI 3750CS-Indicator for MSI 3700 Lift Truck Scale


MSI 4260

When MSI introduced the original MSI-4260 Port-A-Weigh in 1979, it quickly replaced mechanical crane scales in the Alaskan fishing industry. Exceptional ruggedness and accuracy made it the only legal-for-trade scale for this harsh marine environment. With periodic design updates, the Port-A-Weigh remains the workhorse of the heavy-duty crane scale market.

MSI 4300

To create its flagship crane scale, MSI integrated the industry's most advanced electronics, two decades of marine and industrial application experience, and a set of features never before offered on a crane scale. The result is the MSI-4300 Porta-Weigh Plus. It is a Bronze Award winner of Plant Engineering magazine and is recognized as the world's premier crane scale. Specified by such companies as ALCOA, General Electric, Union Carbide, and Boeing Airplane Co., MSI's model 4300 gained prominence because of its performance and acceptance on the job. It incorporates advanced electronics with enhanced digital filtering to yield accurate and stable readings on every job, every time.

MSI 5200

The Bantam may be furnished in two, four or six pad configurations that are cable-linked to a common digital indicator. Each pad is constructed of heavy-duty aluminum for a high strength-to-weight ratio and sealed for use in all weather conditions. Integral ramps and a nonskid base provide safe and easy vehicle loading on virtually any improved road surface. Each pad maintains up to 7.5 tons of loading capacity while remaining lightweight and compact for portability.

MSI 5300

The Load Ranger is specifically designed for mobile weight enforcement and inspection. Each unit is constructed of heavy duty cast aluminum for a high strength-to-weight ratio. Extremely lightweight and compact, the Load Ranger allows weight inspection to be set up within minutes. For ease of access and portability, the Load Ranger can be stowed in the trunk of an automobile. Each weigh pad is sealed from environmental influences and provides 10 tons of loading capacity. Integral loading ramps and a nonskid base provide safe and easy vehicle loading on virtually any type of surface including dirt, concrete, asphalt or gravel.


MSI 6260

The MSI-6260 Trans-Weigh radio telemetry crane scale provides weighing solutions where other systems fail. It offers you the safety and efficiency of wireless, remote weight displays for virtually any overhead weighing/tension application. That makes it an ideal solution when conditions prohibit operator access or visibility to a scale below the hook. With a transmission distance up to 300 ft. (90 m), you can place the indicator in a safe and convenient location. It expands system versatility by enabling connections to printers, computers, data recorders and scoreboards. Unlike other systems, Trans-Weigh does not require an end user FCC license.


MSI 6260CS

The MSI-6260CS RF crane scale provides wireless weighing solutions for overhead crane applications. Incorporating CellScale technology, the MSI-6260CS is a key component for use in Cellular Weighing and Networking.

MSI 7200

The MSI-7200 Dyna-Link digital dynamometer is an efficient tool to safely and conveniently eliminate guesswork and risks associated with lifting unknown loads. Crane operators and riggers in the construction and utility industries benefit from the product's versatility, portability and reliability. The Dyna-Link is the ideal instrument to monitor tension or determine peak loads in tension-testing apparatus. It is also a great tool to monitor or balance cable line tension, or indicate overhead loads in common rigging practices. Microprocessor-based electronics and an environmentally sealed enclosure provide simple and accurate operation both indoors and out. A host of standard features, available options and a capacity range from 500 pounds to 250 tons allow considerable product application versatility.

MSI 7200RFL  

The Dyna-Link industrial tension dynamometer is a standard working tool among test engineers, crane operators, riggers and surveyors for applications ranging from laboratory pull testing to providing crane load indication and overload warning. Now with the addition of wireless RF remote control, Dyna-Link’s already rich feature set becomes even more enhanced. With the new Dyna-Link RF remote controller, tension load indication can be received and monitored wirelessly from remote locations. Simple operation, quality design and durable construction ensure accurate results and reliable use in a multitude of industrial applications.

MSI 9000

The MSI-9000 CellScale and accessory components are redefining solutions for industrial weighing and process control through the power and reliability of wireless cellular technology. CellScale can be easily integrated to most any weighing application and environment to provide complete weighing and process control of your materials.

MSI 9002  

The MSI-9002 Breakout/Summing Box is an accessory to the MSI-9000 CellScale. It functions as a standard 4 in and 1 out Summing Box, but also has the unique ability to function as a 4 in and 2 out dual summing box. This allows two channels of the CellScale to access two pairs of summed load cells.


MSI 9008

The MSI-9008 – 8 Channel Multiplexer is an accessory to the MSI-9000 CellScale. It functions as an 8 in and 1 out channel switch. The MSI-9008 expands a single CellScale input to 8 independent inputs.

MSI 9020

The MSI-9020 2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum CellModem is an accessory of the CellScale and Cellular weighing system. The MSI-9020 provides a wireless interface from a CellScale to any serial device. Support is provided for computers, scoreboards, printers or virtually any serial connected device.

MSI 9300

The MSI-9300 Porta-Weigh Plus, RF Digital Crane Scale is designed to provide a rugged weight indicator and data system for overhead crane applications. The MSI-9300 merges CellScale technology with MSI’s advanced Crane Scale architecture providing both local and remote display capability. Combined with CellScale accessory products, the MSI-9300 is an advanced data-gathering network suitable for process control, safety monitoring and weight related data collection.

MSI 9750

MSI -9750 RF Remote Indicator is a stellar solution for industrial weighing and process control.

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