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9183 Casino Coin Counter

The METTLER TOLEDO 9183 offers you the latest in Casino Coin Management. The system includes (1) a microprocessor-based controller, (2) scale base, (3) printer, (4) optional weigh hopper, (5) optional scanner, and (6) an optional computer keyboard. It will take a random load of any single denomination of coins or tokens and convert the weight into its dollar value or number of coins represented.

EZ Clean Scale Terminal System
Panel mount JAGXTREME, LYNX, PANTHER, and PUMA terminals are mounted to the door of a shallow depth Type 4X enclosure that has a mounting flange. The enclosure is typically flush mount into a wall, allowing for easy hose down in Food, Chemical, or Pharmaceutical applications. Pneumatic lift controls for a 2158 VERTEX® floor scale are integrated into the assembly, along with optional intrinsic safe barriers, I/O, lights, switches, and buttons.
Watershed Packaged Terminals watershed

Panel mount JAGXTREME, LYNX, PANTHER, and PUMA terminals are mounted to the door of a specially designed Type 4X enclosure that complies with NSF Criteria C-2. A Sloped enclosure top, specially designed door seams, and an ultra-smooth #4 enclosure surface finish are provided. Typical applications include food processing where equipment must minimize the chance for water entrapment and resulting bacterial formation.

X-Purged Terminal Assemblies xpurged

X-Purge Terminal Assemblies are designed for Division 1 Hazardous Areas. Panel mount JAGXTREME, LYNX, and LYNXBATCH terminals are mounted to the door of a Type 4X enclosure, along with a self-contained X-Purge system. Optional push buttons, lights, intrinsic safe barriers, and I/O modules can also be included in the assembly.

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