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High Precision Scales  
Halogen Moisture Analyzer Halogen Moisture Analyzer

The halogen moisture analyzers from METTLER TOLEDO warrant reliable moisture determination within just minutes. The circular halogen lamp and gold-plated reflector ensure the exceptionally fast and repeatable heating of the sample. The easy operation, automatic method development and sophisticated QM Tools are among the unique features for regulated use.

Maximum Sample Weight 41 g to 81 g

Minimum Sample Weight 0.5 g to 0.1 g

Balance readability 0.001 g

High Precision Balances - Entry Level High Precision Balance Entry

If the job calls for speedy checkweighing, the AL/PL balances have all you need: just a few keys provide easy and reliable operation. A stable reading appears immediately. The large-format, high-contrast LCD display ensures at-a-glance readability. If needed, additional applications such as animal weighing, target weighing and others can easily be activated.

Capacity 51 g to 6100 g

Resolution 0.0001 g to 1 g

High Precision Balances - Basic Level


PB-S precision balances can do more than they appear to at first sight. They are practical in use and the generously proportioned draft shield aids precise weighing-in. Their rugged construction, built-in overload protection and chemical-resistant materials ensure a long life for Basic precision balances. AB analytical balances have been developed and designed for simple weighing applications. They are very easy to use and have a rugged construction for worry-free weighing. You get weighing results reliably and fast, at an optimum price-performance ratio.

Capacity 51 g to 8100 g

Resolution 0.0001 g to 1
High Precision Balances - Basic Level Large Base

For large samples we offer you SB precision balances with weighing ranges up to 32 kg. They are optimized ergonomically for large and heavy loads. The balances are rugged and hard-wearing for use under harsh conditions.

Capacity 8100 g to 32100 g

Resolution 0.1 g to 1 g

High Precision Balances - Professional Level

The XP series of top loading balances replaces PR series of Professional Level balances. This model series features a detachable, touch screen, color display that allows a more direct interaction between user and the scale applications. In those cases where a display is not needed, the base may be connected directly to a PC or PLC. Several types of data interfaces are available, which extends the scale's connectivity to a wider variety of interface possibilities. Various levels of security are available allowing the user to personalize the functionality of the scale. The IP54 in - use protection rating extends the range of use to a variety of industrial environments previously not available in a high resolution, top loading scale.

Capacity 210 g to 10100 g

Resolution 0.001 g to 0.1 g


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