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IND221 and IND226
The IND221 transactional terminal meets the market need for a simple basic weighing terminal, and exceed expectations by also including simple checkweighing, classifying or counting applications. The large LED display is easy to read, the serial port configurable for data collection, and the battery operation creates a sure-fit for our industrial customers.
Includes IND425, IND435, IND445

The IND425 supports basic weighing applications for an analog scale.

IND435 Count Terminal

IND445 CountPlus Terminal

Panther, Panther Plus, and Panther Plus IP69K panthers

The PANTHER and PANTHER PLUS terminals are compact, easy-to-use weighing terminals. The PANTHER terminals, available in both harsh environment and panel-mount enclosures, support analog and DigiTOL® scale technologies. They can be integrated with process control equipment through a variety of methods, including discrete I/O, analog output, Allen-Bradley RIO, Modbus Plus, PROFIBUS, and DeviceNET. The PANTHER PLUS terminal includes a numeric keypad, a time and date feature, and the ability to accommodate up to 10 targets, making it even more flexible.



The IND560 represents the newest METTLER TOLEDO technologies and is the most versatile weighing terminal available today. Choose from conventional strain gauge (analog) or high precision electromagnetic force restoration weighing (IDNet) technologies. Specify direct PLC (RIO, Profibus, DeviceNet, Analog Output) or PC (Ethernet, Serial) communication interfaces, or internal or external digital I/O control. Combine these selections with the option of IP65 rated panel or IP69k heavy-washdown desk/wall/column-mounting, and the IND560 is the perfect match for most any weighing application in many industries.


Available for Sale on 11/28/2006 : The IND780 high-performance terminal is capable of simultaneously supporting four scales and can provide a metrologically approved sum scale. The IND780 is the industry,s answer to a call for a terminal which is intuitive to use, easy to maintenance, programmable, and able to provide user security. Maximize productivity using its multi-processor design, calibration management and logging capabilities for current and preventative maintenance. Use the large graphical display in either a monochrome or color version, in conjunction with the application specific software modules, and programmable platform to optimize and alleviate downtime and user confusion.


Available for Sale on 11/28/2006 : The IND690 is a Solution in a box: Application Software makes it easy. Configurable applications combined with IND690s advanced communication connectivity: the possibilities are limitless. Connect up to four scales with a sum scale including any of these weighing technologies: analog load cells, high precision bases, analytical balances and BBK four-series scales. The IND690 builds on the proven application softwares designed specifically for formulation, counting and other applications. It incorporates the newest communication interfaces including Bluetooth and WLAN for a system integrated with up to four weighing systems.


IND Drive 310 Scale Terminal ind 310

Introducing the IND310drive, the premier vehicle weighing terminal from METTLER TOLEDO. This amazing new indicator brings a renewed focus on the key elements of the vehicle weighing process, resulting in ease of use for the operator.

RAAD Box - Remote Addressable A/D Box RAAD Box

With the RAAD™ Box, conventional strain gauge load cell systems can be transformed into advanced sensor networks.


DeviceNet Bridge - Data Transmitter DeviceNet Bridge

The METTLER TOLEDO DNB00001000 module ( DeviceNet Bridge) is an ideal tool for adding DeviceNet connectivity to scale terminals, which only have RS-232 communication capability. It serves as a bridging device that allows weight data to be shared from a METTLER TOLEDO scale terminal and the DeviceNet network. The DNB00001000 module requires no programming or application/protocol-specific firmware. It comes pre-configured to receive “continuous” data packets from the scale terminal serial port and to convert them into DeviceNet data packets buffered until they are requested by the DeviceNet master. (A DeviceNet master node can send and receive data using standard POLL messaging.) The DNB00001000 module is factory-programmed by METTLER TOLEDO. If something happens to the serial data, the DNB00001000 will report a communication fault to the DeviceNet master.


The IND110 load cell signal converter provides an economical way to connect an analog strain guage scale or weigh modules to process control equipment. The IND110 generates a 4-20mA process signal that is typically communicated to a remote analog input on a PLC or other process control equipment.


The A100 analog output module provides an economical way to convert a scale terminals serial output to a 4-20mA process signal. This signal is then typically communicated to a remote analog input on a PLC or other process control equipment.


The ARM100 digital input/output module interfaces with METTLER TOLEDO terminals to control additional discrete I/O. The ARM100 supports 4 inputs and 6 outputs.

S7SPC Setpoint Controller

A PLC controller with embedded tare-weigh-hold program for use with PUMA® or PANTHER® terminals is available in a panel mount, Type 4X or Type 7/9 version. A fiber optic converter, push button inputs, and light outputs are offered as options.

8624 Remote Displays

The 8624 Remote Display can be used with indicators that have a METTLER TOLEDO continuous serial output.

AD1310 Scoreboard  

The Model ADI310 scoreboard is a highly visible weight display for use with vehicle scales and other industrial weighing applications. Its light-emitting diodes display up to six characters, plus LB/KG and GR/NT designators.

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