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Why call Valley Scale Service, Inc.?

  • Our company:
    • Stability - Valley Scale is proud of their 40+ years of successful business.
    • Financial Strength - We are here for the long haul and carry business insurance.
    • 24 Hour Service - Call day or night and a representative from Valley Scale will return your call, or you will be patched through to a service technician.
    Green Bay 920.434.3300
    Rice Lake 715.234.9100
    Wausau 715.675.0222
    • Traceable weight certificates - our weights are traceable back to National Institute of Standards and Technology. This ensures the accuracy of the weights. All test weights are tested at a minimum of every 2 years; our most used weights are tested once a year.
    • The best scale service available to our customers.
  • Our employees:
    • Licensed service personnel in Wisconsin and Michigan.
    • Experience - Over 240 combined years of experience.
    • Training - Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. All technicians and sales personnel have successfully completed Handbook 44 training. Proficiency testing confirms service technician's capabilities.
    • Dedication - Our technicians are aware of how costly downtime can be and take personal pride in serving you as expediently as possible until the issue is resolved to your satisfaction.
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